Chris Calmer

Chris Calmer is a danish photographer and visual artist working in the intersection between art, fashion and commercial photography – connecting the dots in a sometimes hyperrealistic, other times dreamy and otherworldly manner.

Calmer started working as a photographer at only 16 years old both on his own projects but also shooting streetstyle for Copenhagen based magazines such as Cover and Soundvenue, where his understanding for people and aesthetic flair became use full. Calmer’s father was an artist and his mother a fashion designer, so the combination of fashion and art has always been first instinct and came natural to him. In 2017 he moved to Paris to assist and work as a freelance retoucher on jobs for Galleries Lafayette, Liberty London, Dior and Vmagazine. 
Calmer is exited by creative visions and new ideas – he sees photography as a conceptual play to solve resulting in vibrant and often even colorful work. Calmer has a distinct artistic approach to photography, and he displayed some of his artistic projects at various solo- and group exhibitions. 
Selected clients
Stine Goya, Martin Asbjørn, Julie Nielsdotter, Hanrej, Totem Collective
Selected publications
Dansk Magazine, Cover, Soundvenue