Pelle Crépin

Born and raised in Furlund, southern Sweden, Pelle Crépin studied photography at the London College of Fashion where he was accepted into the MA program without any prior photography education. During his time at LCF he explored some of the different routes that photography can take and refined his distinctive style. In his final project he explored his own roots, capturing Swedish landscapes; granting Pelle the best in class award.


From there Pelle quickly made a name for himself working for artists and brands such as the Pet Shop Boys, COS and SCP. His unique style, which might be described as clinically elegant, attention to detail and consistency has secured him commissions across the globe.

Selected clients

COS, Uniqlo, Bally, Cos X Hay, Mother London, Henry London, Boots, GAP, Jasper Conran, Mr Porter, OUUR Clothing, Whistles, Bruuns Bazaar, Kickers, Document Studios, Pet Shop Boys, Timberland

Selected publications

Kinfolk Magazine, The Guardian, Alvar Magazine, LÓfficiel, 10 Magazine, 10 Men, Hypebeast, GQ, Fucking Young